Gold Thread/ Boghossian, 2019/ Microscopic gold threads are weaved together to create an 18K gold silk/ Courtesy of Boghossian

Boghossian presents Gold Thread

This installation highlights the dialogue between cultures and the extraordinary beauty that has resulted from multicultural infl uences. Silk, being the most precious good traded on the Silk Road, is also the fulcrum of both the Boghossian stand and the jewelry on display. Visitors will fi rst discover a modern cabinet of curiosities held solely on silk cords, only to realize that the jewels were also conceived using a similar weaving practice, this time crafted from the last remaining pieces of an 18 karat gold silk.

Installation by KUFStudios, shelves and furniture by Nada Debs.

Boghossian is a six-generation family of jewelers with boutiques in Geneva, London, Hong Kong, and Gstaad. Boghossian’s expertise lies in its collection of rare gems and innovative craftsmanship techniques. Originally from Mardin, an important town strategically located on the ancient Silk Road, the Boghossian family created their art foundation in the Villa Empain, Brussels, to foster dialogue between Eastern and Western cultures through the universal medium of art.