Guise Planter/ Odd Matter, 2019/ EPS foam, spray/ 52 x 53 x h 109 cm/ Courtesy of Pim Top

Nilufar Gallery presents FAR

FAR is a parasitic entity, an experiment in design infiltrating Nilufar Gallery and subverting the established order of the gallery’s programs. FAR is a voyage into a galaxy of emerging designers. It embraces the work of individuals who often operate collectively—forming, dissolving, regrouping, and ungrouping fluidly and open-endedly.

It is a temporary collective of collectives that captures a snapshot of a new generation, subliminally echoing the radical experiments of a previous era, and features works by Alberto Vitelio, Audrey Large, Bram Vanderbeke, Destroyers/Builders, Johan Viladrich, Julien Manaira, Michael Schoner, Odd Matter, Thomas Ballouhey, and Wendy Andreu.