Piano/ Guillermo Santomá, 2019/ High Density foam and glue, Galvanized steel structur./ 2200 cm x 2200 cm/ Courtesy of Etage Projects

Etage Projects presents A Million Times and Leaking Fountain by FOS and Piano by Guillermo Santomá

These three works, made separately by the Danish artist FOS and the Spanish designer Guillermo Santomá, together reflect on the role of human beings in the newly declared epoch of the Anthropocene. FOS’s film A Million Times depicts an explorer’s echoing journey into the Arctic, while the neon installation Leaking Fountain was first displayed in 2018 on an island in Copenhagen harbor, suggesting that the origins of that body of water might be broken plumbing. Functioning as a working instrument, Santomá’s Piano is made of rough-hewn foam embedded with speakers, evoking an ambiguous relic of a postindustrial future.