Formafantasma, Ore Streams Cubicle 1 (2017)
Edited by Giustini / Stagetti, Rome
Courtesy: Giustini/ Stagetti, Rome and Nicoletta Fiorucci, London

Giustini / Stagetti presents Ore Streams by Formafantasma

Formafantasma’s Ore Streams proposes an alternative to below-ground mining at a time when already extracted metals and minerals are plentiful in the form of electronic waste. Part of a broader analysis on the meaning of production and how design can facilitate a more responsible use of resources, Ore Streams’ furniture objects are made using recycled materials and incorporate e-waste. Moreover, they have been conceived for office use, where modern design principles based on efficiency, ideal standards, and a universal style are most visible. The evocation of corporate life also works to reference the bureaucracies responsible for regulating and capitalizing on the circulation of natural resources, minerals, and waste used in the global production of goods. The installation includes an animation that visualizes potential design strategies for facilitating repair and recycling based on extensive interviews with recyclers, NGOs, lawmakers, manufacturers, and scholars.