black blue yellow white red mountain/ 2016/ Stone, paint, and threaded rod/ 323 × 922 × 323 cm

One All Every Presents/ See a Clean Future With Ugo Rondinone and RVS Eyewear

One All Every (OAE)—ONE Planet, ALL Beings, EVERY Choice—is an art and environment initiative collaborating with Ugo Rondinone and RVS Eyewear to launch a line of sustainable sunglasses called See a Clean Future (SACF).

Sustainable from frame to lens to containers, SACF tells a story of eco-hope based on the four elements that make up our world: earth, water, fire, and air. Each of the concepts is attached to an environmental pioneer and hero, whose quotes are inscribed both on the sunglass frames as well as the lens cloths. Working with natural materials, Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone has designed the packaging—the ether, the fifth element that contains all others. Based on his landscape series, Rondinone created the exhibition walls, which will later be divided into one hundred panels and included in a special sculptural wood box that will contain all four sunglasses. Using soil and inspired by Yves Klein tables, Rondinone has also created furniture for the exhibition. 

The See a Clean Future collaboration is emblematic of the positive change that each of us needs to implement, reminding us of our inherent agency. A portion of the proceeds from sales will support nongovernmental environmental organizations whose missions are to increase public awareness as well as actively mitigate climate change.