The City of Artists – Cities Between Crisis, Catharsis and Creation – How artists can sustainably shape our future environments

Tuesday, June 11/

Our current cities are contributing to a worldwide environmental crisis. Conversely, solutions can be found there. This discussion will focus on the development of sustainable cities through the visions of designers and artists. How can their creativity and innovations be utilized to shape societies which are inclusive, progressive and balanced with the natural world? How can they take responsibility from bureaucracies and other vested interests to design the cities of the future?

John May/ Founding principal, Millions, Assistant Professor of Architecture and Director of the Master in Design studies program, Harvard Graduate School of Design
Jon Gray/ CoFounder, Ghetto Gastro
Maja Hoffmann/ Founder and President, Luma Aries
Arthur Mamou-Mani/ Architect
Hans Ulrich Obrist/ Artistic Director, Serpentine Galleries
Azusa Murakami/ Cofounder, Studio Swine
Alexander Groves/ Cofounder, Studio Swine
Lonneke Gordijn/ Artist, Studio Drift
Mikolaj Sekutowicz/ Cofounder & Curator, Theme Art Program