Design as a Tool for Transition: The Atelier Luma Approach

Wednesday, June 12th/

Atelier Luma is a design laboratory that charts the Mediterranean community in the Camargue wetlands region to create new and sustainable ways of using the natural and cultural resources of the bioregion. The initiative tests out new ways of making, thinking, and designing and claims new roles and responsibilities for design in the twenty-first century. In celebration of the launch of Atelier Luma’s book Design as a Tool for Transition: The Atelier Luma Approach, Maja Hoffmann sits down with Jan Boelen and a panel of key designers, experts, and collaborators to address the urgencies of the contemporary world.

4:30-5PM: One-On-One Conversation
Maja Hoffmann/ Founder & President, Luma Aries
Jan Boelen/ Artistic Director Atelier Luma

5-6:30PM Panel discussions
Johanna Weggelaar
/ Project Leader, Algae Platform, Atelier Luma
Jan Boelen/ Artistic Director, Atelier Luma
John Thackara/ Writer and Advisor on Bioregional design
Eric Klarenbeek/ Designer, Studio Klarenbeek & Dros
Maartje Dros/ Designer, Studio Klarenbeek & Dros