Beschle is very proud of its 120 year old history, which includes four generations of the Beschle family. Starting with Ernst Beschle, founder and inventor of the famous Beschle Ring, followed by Willy Beschle, inventor of the St. Hônoré and Thomas Beschle, who set new standards in the salty as well as in the sweet sector. Finally with Dominic Beschle, who in the 4th generation set new accents especially with his chocolate creations and won numerous awards. All generations have produced their share of specialities that decades later are still freshly produced every day.

Beschle remains true to the company's guiding principle of 1898: to produce the best confectionery and chocolate creations. For more than a century, Confiserie Beschle has been committed to achieving the highest quality in all its products.

When the raw materials for certain products became scarce, for example during the First and Second World Wars, the confectionery preferred to stop production rather than compromise with a loss of quality. This principle still applies today to our entire product range. Only the best ingredients are used for production. Trends and fluctuations in the food industry are challenged with new alternatives to suit the season and region.


With the Beschle Chocolatier Suisse brand, the company has devoted itself even more to the art of chocolate. Today we deliver worldwide. Complex and high-quality raw materials are combined with a hundred-year tradition of craftsmanship.


Our bakery products, chocolates and patisserie are freshly prepared every day and made available to a wide range of customers. Furthermore, in our delicatessen area we combine everything from sandwiches to pâtés, burgers, salads, cocktail products and specialities of the day.

Today, the Basel-based company is managed by Yulia AG (Rhyschänzli Group).


Rhyschaenzli Group today consists of 10 establishments in Basel and La-Chaux-de-Fonds ranging from modern F&B concepts, cocktail bars and event venues.